Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday 3/23/11

9 am--We are on our way to the London airport to fly to Munich. The tube is jammed pack as usual and it makes it an extra challenge because we have so many bags. I'm so exited to experience Germany's culture and see how it differs from the rest of Europe and America. The BMW factory will be really neat and I'm excited to go to the concentration camp site and to the Alps! Germany here we come!

5 pm German time--We just grabbed something quick to eat at the airport and went into a few shops. We went on Lufthansa airplane to Munich. I slept almost the whole time because the seats were so soft and spacious! I woke up with enough time to look out the window and see the beautiful images of Germany. We went through customs and got our passports stamped and went to get our luggage. It was a very efficient process which was very nice. We were done with customs and bags within 20 minutes. Right now we are on the train to our hostel. I'm not sure what we're doing tonight but it should be fun!

Swinder at the airport which had a huge BMW display/ad!

Later that night...
We arrived at the hostel and it was very nice. The rooms are big and there's a nice lounge area in the lobby. When we first arrived they told us some rules like the fact that we need to be quiet after 10 pm and we also need to do things in a timely fashion. Swinder told us that timeliness is VERY important to Germans so we need to respect that.

We went to Marienplatz to find something to eat. We went to Paulanders for our first German meal. I had the pork knuckle which was delicious. Our whole group was there and it was a great time just alking along the streets. One thing that I noticed was the fact that the city was so clean. All of the rooms we went into were spick and span and even the streets and the trains are clean. It's very nice!

Downtown Munich

We ended up just coming back early because it had been a long day. It was a nice arrival and I can already tell that I love Germany! One thing that's been really nice was the fact that everyone can pretty much speak English. On the plane they could just look at you and tell where you were from. Many people speak multiple languages so they can adjust quickly to their surroundings. I think that this is something America needs to work on. We expect everyone to adjust to us and our needs and I think that there needs to be a mutual adjustment. I only know English and after coming on this trip I realized that I need to adjust myself and learn another language or two. I went online to look at some classes and reading materials and it's making me very excited!

Til next time!

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