Thursday, March 31, 2011

Overview of Germany

  • Everything is very clean!
  • Respect and gratitude are very important. Even just not looking at someone in the eye can be a huge insult. 
  • Their public transportation isn't as busy as London's.
  • German beer is powerful stuff.
  • Quality is highly important to them over quantity.
  • Clothes are tightly fitted.
  • Most of them speak at least some English.
  • Smoking is still a very popular trend.
  • Their shops all close relatively early and aren't open on Sundays.
  • Most of them are very proper and uptight (especially about being on time) but everyone was still willing to help me, especially with directions.
  • They were MUCH more open with nudity. When it's a nice day outside, their clothes start coming off!
  • You can't wear shorts to a club!
  • They embrace their culture through and through!

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