Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday 3/25/11

I really wanted to go on the bike tour today but I woke up too late and was really tired from the day before. A small group of us decided to take the subway to Marienplatz to go walk around and shop.

Our first stop was at Burger King. They had a lot healthier items on the menu and their set up is a lot fancier. They had more chicken items then usual but the overall taste was the same. I found out that you can't really special order items. If you ask to have something taken off your meal, they just ignore you and give you a burger with everything on it.

We walked around the city and bought a lot of mugs and glasses for souvenirs. It was interesting just to walk around and people watch. We saw men and women wearing traditional German clothes. I noticed also that other German people were wearing much more fitted clothing than is typical in the US.

We went back to the hostel and relaxed until dinner. Dinner was at the Hofbrauhaus which is were Hitler used to have his meetings. Our entire group had part of the party room upstairs. They were performers (who obviously were drinking beforehand) and we "prosted" all night long to one another.

Some of the performers were quite entertaining!

The room was HUGE!

Me with the front sign!

Kyle taught me that the glasses were made so thick that you would "prost" one another and beer had to splash from one beer into the other in order for it to be a good "prost." Prosting is basically our version of cheers! You look at the person in the eyes and click the bottom of your glasses together. It's a sign of respect.

We ate German food for a few more hours and watched the performances. After dinner I went downstairs and looked around at all of the neat artwork. I got my huge mug and decided to call it a night and head home early. I just talked to some people in the lobby, checked facebook, and went to bed. Night!

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