Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sunday 3/27/11

This morning we woke up early and got some breakfast before we headed to the Alps. Max was running a little late so we waited and decided to go on the next train. When we finally arrived at the Alps, we found out that the lifts were closed. Boo! Instead we decided to walk around the town and go down by the lake. There were a ton of ducks and birds and they entertained us for quite some time. They kept diving far down into the water to get food and Kristen decided to share her apple with them. We liked to see them race to the food and we did this for quite some time. We then decided to walk along the lake and take some jumping pictures of course. We got some coffee and gelatto for a snack.

Where we ate at!

The Alps!


My new friends Frederick and Gustof!

Before lunch we stopped at the gift shop by the place we were eating at. They had really neat rosaries and hand-made items so I got some souvenirs. We checked out the local church and it was absolutely beautiful. The architecture, paintings and sculptures were so unique and you don't see that much detail in American churches in my opinion.

We went to lunch at 2:30 and had our last group meal. Nick picked on Vivien of course and we took a lot of neat pictures. We got more gelatto on the way to the train station and finally went back to the hostel.

I started to pack and panic because of the weight of my bag. I bought a lot of glass--whoops! Hopefully they don't reject my suitcase tomorrow. A small group of us decided to watch Troy in the lobby area before going to bed. I was only wearing my socks (bad idea) and accidentally slid down the stairs. Ouch! Good thing I had a Kit Kat to comfort me. We watched Troy and headed to bed since we have to get up at 5:30 am. It's hard to imagine that our trip is almost over!

Til next time!


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