Thursday, February 10, 2011

Potential Adventures in Europe

Now this is my favorite part....our schedule!

When Swinder was discussing this during class I was literally shaking in my seat from excitement.

The adventure begins on Friday March 18, 2011. We are going to be leaving from Kansas City and will arrive in London around 10:15 am on Saturday. We will have a few hours to ourselves and then probably eat something together as a group. We have Sunday free to ourselves to tour London. We'll probably visit all of the main sites (maybe I'll see William and Kate!). We will have Monday morning free to ourselves until noon but then we are going to be visiting a brewery in the afternoon. Later that day we'll get some good ol' fashioned fish and chips (British style!)

On Tuesday, we are going to Birmingham. We'll have Wednesday morning free but leave for Munnich during the afternoon. Thursday we're going to visit the BMW Factory. Friday we will have the afternoon to ourselves and may attend the opera later on in the evening.

Saturday--free to ourselves! Swinder and Allison (one of my classmates) suggested some great sites to go see while in Germany. There are many castles which are beautiful (I'll post pictures later), a concentration camp which is life altering, or we can go visit the Olympic stadium. We are free Sunday as well and we may go see the Alps. Who knows where we'll end up!

Sadly Monday we have to come back to the good ol' USA. Home sweet home. It's going to be quite an adventure and I cannot wait!!

We've also been going through a checklist of items that we need for the trip. It costs around $1.60 to get 1 euro. Since the weather can be rainy in London, we all need to bring a rain coat or umbrella or something we can carry around with us. I also found out that sometimes other countries can be quite loud so I'll be bringing my ear plugs with me at night so I can get some sleep!

The main thing I need to worry about is getting a converter for my hairdryer, camera, phone, etc. It's really easy to figure out if items will be able to work in another country and Swinder is a pro! I'm also going to have to condense my packing so I don't break the scale at the airport and get a huge additional charge. I also found out that medicine needs to be in the original bottle so that TSA won't throw a fit.

It's also very important to be aware of your surroundings. There are many people who can find your wallet better than you can. I'm planning on bringing a bag with me that goes across my body so that no one can snatch it and also one that has a zipper on the top so I'd notice if someone was trying to get in somewhere they shouldn't be.

My brother went to Europe this past summer and he used a prepaid travel card so that he didn't have to worry about money, so I will probably try to get that set up with the same provider that he had. I'll also probably have some cash on me in case something goes wrong with the card.

TIP: Call your bank and credit card company before going abroad so they know where these charges are coming from! Many times banks will start to see these charges and may deny them because they don't know you're out of town. Also, figure out your withdrawal limit because each time you take out your money while abroad, you usually get charged so you want to minimize the number of times you take money out!

Well now you're caught up on my life. Hope my adventures don't put you to sleep!

Til next time,


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